Bowie ‘viceless’ after snuffing out cigarette habit

This one’s for maxmatahari. Thought I read it in Rolling Stone, but it actually ran in the Miami Herald.

David Bowie said he’s finally “viceless” after managing to quit cigarettes following a lifetime of smoking, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

After kicking the habit, Bowie, 57, joked: “Well, there’s just the heroin. But I’m dealing with that – it shouldn’t be long now. Other than that, life is a dream.

“No, please, I take that back. Yes, I’m afraid I am viceless. I don’t drink, do drugs or smoke. I do coffee – gallons of it, still.”

Bowie, who has confessed to using drugs during the ’70s, said that after reuniting with producer Tony Visconti for last year’s “Reality” album, the pair plan to work again on a new album after his tour wraps up in July.

Bowie said he probably produced his worst music in the mid-’80s, calling the period his “Phil Collins era.”