You get paid how much? And you’re that stupid?

Falcons’ QB Michael Vick raises suspicion at Miami airport

This has so many different shades of stupidity and hubris, I don’t even know where to begin. Of all the “vessels” to hide his weed in, he chose the most obviously prohibited container – a bottle of water. And he was carrying it. And it was somehow specially designed to hide the weed. So at some point, someone said, “hey, I know, let’s make a James Bond weed hider – from a water bottle – and just make sure you’re carrying it so security can see you when you’re trying to get on the plane.” You’d be better off with your weed in a bong duct taped to your face.

Here’s another question. Why is one of America’s most highly overpaid/overrated athletes taking AirTran from Miami to Atlanta? These are massive airports. There are plenty of options besides the former-SunAir, which changed names after one of their planes flew into Everglades like a dart. When you have a $130-million contract over 10 years, what the fuck are you doing with your money? You sure as fuck aren’t spending it on an airline that’s guaranteed to not make you feel like an annoying piece of human freight with no where to go soon before you lift off the tarmac.

Take a look at the history of certain football players, who 1) enjoyed large amounts of fame when they played, 2) were paid very well, and 3) eventually got busted for stupid behavior and probably are now broke from blowing their wad on hookers, drugs and legal fees. There are trends here, folks, and if Michael Vick is getting busted for being this stupid while flying AirTran, I promise this won’t be the last time we see Vick.

And the stupid gets stupider. No where did the police or security actually do anything. They recognized he’s Michael Vick. That’s like fucking diplomatic immunity in Miami. The have video of him throwing it away, after he pissed and moaned about getting rid of it. So, they called the NFL, which can test him, maybe before the preseason starts in August.

I’m walking away from my desk now.

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