Lonesome West Soundtrack

On the rare occasion that I do sound design for theater, I sometimes get asked what the music is, or if there’s any way the company can sell/burn a disc of the music. The latter is obviously illegal. The former is usually a complicated answer: even if you know who I’m talking about, I sample from a wide variety of artists, so it’s not like I can just jot down the name of an album or two.

However, we now have the technology to share this kind of stuff online. So here’s my soundtrack for The Lonesome West. All of the Stornoway is preshow – I can listen to that album all day long. But if you want to get to the gritty of the show music, jump to the Black Keys’ “Unknown Brother”.

Naturally, I can’t stream the Beatles’ “I Me Mine”, which comes in between scenes 1 and 2. I’m using the version from Let it Be… Naked.

And for some strange reason, the curtain call – Laura Marling’s “All My Rage” isn’t showing up in the playlist, and I love that song too much to not include it. So, below are video versions of those tracks.


[raw][youtube_video id=”UXTxfea6fd8″ height=”” width=”600″][/raw]


[raw][vimeo_video id=”36834080″ height=”” width=”600″][/raw]

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