“Nother” is not a word

So you’ve just read the title, and now I’m going to draw up a dialogue between you and me:

You Hey, what the hell are you talking about?

Me The word “nother”? It’s not a word.

You Well, of course it isn’t. That’s just stupid.

Me Yeah? I’ll bet you say it.

You Um, no, I don’t.

Me Um, yeah, I’ll bet you do.

You You’re just making shit up. I would never–

Me That’s “just a whole nother argument.”

You No it’s– wait. What?

Me Or, “that’s a whole nother story.”

You What did you just do there?

Me A whole nother example.

You Uh…

Me A whole nother ball of wax. A whole nother ball game. A whole nother shrimp on the barbee. You get the gist yet?

You But I’m not the only one.

Me Oh, that makes it okay then.

You Um, sure.

Me No. It makes you sound just as stupid as they sound.

Look, the word is “another”. As in “an” “other”. You can say “a whole other”. Or you can say “another whole”.  However, when you say “nother”, those who know it isn’t a word hear the sound of a thousand chalkboards screeching, and more importantly, the stock value of whatever you’re talking about goes down the toilet, as soon as the chalkboard sounds stop drowning your volume.

Repeat after me:

“Nother” is not a word.

“Nother” is not a word.

“Nother” is not a word.

Soon, you will also be hearing chalkboard sounds and muttering under your breath, while your boss is talking, that “nother” is not a word.

You’re welcome.

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