Fillin’ up dem tubes

I’m still working on a nickname: Train-Wreck. Queen Hubris. The Dragon Lady. There are so many. For right now, I’ll continue calling her the Bush/Cheney 2000 FL Campaign Manager & Twunt In Charge of Florida’s 2000 Elections.

Anyway, Katherine Harris’ campaign is going so swell that the Washington Post felt the urge to remind people that three months ago the Florida Republican Party told Harris they wouldn’t support her US Senate race because she wouldn’t win. In a statement yesterday, Harris called the letter “old news” and said that party chairman, Carole Jean Jordan, had never expressed concerns about her campaign. In her own statement yesterday, Jordan said, “Uh, read the letter you dense twunt. We said you were fucked, and you still are.”

In the same article, apparently there’s some hub-bub about MA Gov. Mitt Romney (R) referring to the Big Dig as a “tar baby”. A Romney spokesman told the news agency that the governor was “unaware that some people find the term objectionable and he’s sorry if anyone’s offended.” He will now use the more politically correct “Porch Monkey”.

Back to Harris: the Republican-leaning Tampa Tribune scooped the Times (aw snap!) this morning. Harris concealed a grand jury subpoena from top campaign advisers hired to help her deflect negative publicity. “Finding out about the subpoena caused me to wonder about what was going on and what else I didn’t know” said Glenn Hodas, Harris’ third and most recent campaign manager. The article does emphasize that the subpoena doesn’t mean she’s actually potentially guilty for breaking any law. Just that she’s lying so much to her own staff, that they’re jumping faster than the Titanic. For those keeping score, she’s currently working on chief-of-staff number five.

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