You have got to be fucking shitting me.  What a steaming pile of indignant fucking horseshit.  Bullshit.  I call total bullshit.  Not fucking fair at fucking all.


Just watched the last episode of Twin Peaks.  Want to know what’s weird?  All that red room, black lodge shit?  I understood that.  Everything was making perfect sense.  Sure, I heard the warnings.  I was told my head would explode.  But I’m watching the episode, and the more I watch, the more it makes sense.  I’m thinking, aha, there is no conclusion; this is the conclusion.  I’m getting all this surreal crap.  It’s crystal.

It wasn’t until Coop made it back into reality that I lost my mind.  NOT FUCKING RIGHT.

I want to pull a Windom Earle on David Lynch.  I’m going to find some spiders and an electro-shock dog collar and we’re going to see the rest of this fucking t.v. show.


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7 thoughts on “Unfuckingbelievable

  1. And this is in the end why I concluded that David Lynch is overrated.

    Fuck him.

    Mad Dave is taking a mad shit. And his underwear is sticking to his ass-pipe.

  2. remember the night of my birthday, when we watched Fire Walk With Me in that stupid tv room, and then i drove across the Everglades at 3 in the morning to go home for the weekend after having nothing but Bass longnecks and pistachios?

    well, i’m still confused.

  3. Amen, brother. Even after all these years I’m still pissed at Lynch for not finishing the story. He could have written a book or SOMETHING. Totally unsatisfying.

    Still love the show, though.

  4. That was on your birthday? Wow. I definitely remember the three of us watching that movie, me going, “what the fuck was that?” and the two of you going, “I have no idea.”

  5. He had every intention of making 2 films. A prequel and a sequel. We can just thank the way FWWM bombed and the shitdicks at ABC for him never doing it.

    Cam and I talked about this after watching the series.

    You know some things will happen based upon other things that are done and said in the series. So you can kinda make some things up as to what goes down. It’s still bullshit though. You’re right.

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