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Just a few scattered notes for all my noble fans out there.

Been busy as hell lately. I mean real busy. Stupid pimp fly busy. Somehow I went from über-laconic to all pistons firing on overdrive. Sadly, strangely, it feels kinda good.

* * *

Mineola is in tech, and it looks great. I had a few nights away from it, which really helped spot shine my perspective on the piece. The sound is really a separate character, and I heard it last night for the first time. I just about wet may pants laughing on a few occasions. Also, the sound adds a new, tearjerker edge to the end of one scene – something that never even crossed my mind for that scene before (DS3, in case you’re wondering maladr1n).

So I took time off to work a bit on Delusion. Then one thing after another came up. I’d go into detail, but it really isn’t that interesting. Just a whole buncha stuff that has to get done. So, lots of stuff on lots of different burners – just enough to make me frustrated that I’m wasting some of my Delusion time on non-Delusion errata.

* * *

Mellifluous. That’s it. Just felt like writing mellifluous. Don’t even know what it means. Maybe I do. Okay, I do if I think about it. But I don’t care. I just like the way it sounds. C’mon, say it with me. Mel-li-flu-ous. Ahhh.

You got it: I’m losing my mind.

* * *

I couldn’t even tell you the last time I read the news. I’m catching bits and pieces here and there on BBC News. Doesn’t seem like I’m missing much. Y’know, the news is getting more and more like a soap opera. When you’re entrenched with it, you can’t put it down, but if you miss a week or so, it takes about 5 minutes to catch up. Let me see if I’m off at all; just guessing:

  • Bush said we need to stand our ground, democracy good, terrorism bad.
  • June 30 the U.S. is giving authority of Iraq to the Iraqis who will have authority to do anything they want that the U.S. military and coalition forces agree upon.
  • Kerry said that White House was out of touch, that Bush’s plan is bad, the economy is fucked, and we need to restore diplomatic relations with more allies than G.B. (Okay, I cheated a little and saw some of that last night, but seriously, is that any different from two weeks ago?)
  • Bush’s popularity is slipping.
  • Kerry – Bush’s campaigning opponent – has not gained in popularity, and somehow cannot get a leg up on stupid, superficial and transitory campaign mudslinging that the Bush campaign threw at him back in March.
  • Israel carpet-bombed 397 Palestinian nurseries and kindergarten schools yesterday. Someone had a toy gun.
  • A 9-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber was captured trying to detonate a whole bunch of Israeli citizens who were not taking over the Gaza strip from a roadside café 300 miles away.
  • Prime Minister Sharon called for a plan that reversed the plan he called for the week before.
  • Any random President/Prime Minister met with North Korea leader Kim Jong-Il. They smiled a lot before cameras, talked about good relations, but they are suspected of calling Bush “cocksuckerface” behind closed doors.
  • Sudan = fucked. Nobody cares.
  • Iraq, fucked. Afghanistan, fucked. Iran, not as fucked but probably hate American even more.
  • Every place else – no one knows/cares.

But the Lighting evened it up last night! That much I do know. Aw yeeeeaaaah.

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  1. !!

    Mellifluous is a wonderful word. My favorite word, actually.

    It is for describing something beautiful, like a singing voice, or a song. It’s primarily auditory in that sense. Intangible beauty. Ethereal beauty.

    or it means full of sweetness. :)

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