Epileptic Firefly is my blog, as well as my digital online laboratory of sorts. It’s an electronic coffee house, a wireless museum of the odd and eclectic. It is the last vestiges of the latest open frontier. An outskirt post on the Wild West of the early 21st century. It is an old house that’s been moved, and renovations are made at any given moment. You may borrow, but you may not take.

Things may appear that could be quite groovy. Or the whole site could be a clusterfuck at any given moment. There are no apologies made, nor will there be for unexpected downtime, language or ideas deemed by some as offensive, and especially not for anything written or created while influenced by coffee, liquor or jazz. Enjoy it for what it is, whatever that may be whenever you happen to be here.

This is not a democracy

The laws that operate here are under my domain and whim.  You are a guest, not a citizen. Your right to an opinion does not guarantee that your opinion has value. Your thoughts are only given the respect they deserve by their merit, compounded by the interest with which you deliver them. If you behave like an insolent asshole, you will be treated like an insolent asshole. Your comments may be used against you, or they may simply be annihilated into the ether. I don’t care if you have a freedom of speech. I have the freedom of the delete key. If you don’t like it, start your own blog. I don’t go into your house and shit on your carpet; don’t do it here.

My site doesn’t… I have IE#… the Webernets?!

This site is proudly created with no testing done for Internet Explorer, because its creator is also a former web designer and is fucking sick of running everything by a crappy browser to make sure that people can see things properly that should be properly there anyway.

About The Author

Shawn is a walking chapeau shop of a personality. Some of his hats include actor, writer, director (all for the stage, and a bit for the screen, as well), web designer, entrepreneur, hobby mixologist, satirist, and of course, a prophet, redeemer and sage. By day, he is the Creator in Chief of Kitefliers Studios, which he founded with his writing and business partner Neil Gobioff. And at all hours, he loves to drink good whiskey, coffee and beer, not necessarily in any order. He is also a Sagittarius.