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According to the St. Pete Times,

[RB Derrick Ward] said his new team, the Texans, “actually wants to block for their running backs (and) actually wants to win.” He also alleged the Bucs bad-mouthed him after releasing him in August by telling other clubs he was overweight.

“It’s the same across the entire offensive line. We have a job to do,” Bucs C Jeff Faine said. “Most of the time, I don’t even know who’s back there. I’m not even looking in the huddle.

“For him to say we blocked differently when he’s in the game, I think that’s pretty far from the truth…. But we didn’t block any differently with him in there than we did with any other running back.”

Yeah, Jeff, I think you actually just proved his point. Ward didn’t say the Bucs didn’t block for Ward. He said they didn’t block for their running backssssssssss. The only back the Bucs have with any decent running yards is the QB. If you take that stat off the records, the Bucs running game probably plummets from a massive 20th in the league to somewhere around 31st.

In one game with 14 carries with Houston last week, Ward already beat his longest run with the Bucs, a 33-yard break for a touchdown. Even if you take away that run against Oakland, his average yards/carry is 3.9, up from his 2009 Bucs average of 3.6. The Bucs “star” back, Cadillac Williams, is currently averaging 2.5 yards/carry. I assume his moniker of “Cadillac” refers to the car’s historic gas mileage.

I said it before, the Bucs can’t run. Sign Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson, and I’ll bet the same holds true. There’s no where behind that line for a running back to go.

In other Bucs alumni news

[pictureframe image=”http://www.epilepticfirefly.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/chris_simms.jpg” align=”right” lightbox=”true” title=”Trivia du jour: Simms’ number was 2, because that’s what he specialized in doing on the field.” link=”” width=”250″ height=””]

Former Bucs quarterback and Tampa Bay darling for no reason whatsoever Chris Simms pleaded not guilty to charges he drove his car while high on marijuana.

“I don’t smoke pot,” Simms told the judge. “I really am this stupid.”

Okay, I made that quote up, but not by much. According to Fox Sports:

The Manhattan DA says it has evidence that includes arresting officers’ claims that Simms refused to take breath, blood and coordination tests and made self-incriminating statements.

“I was smoking marijuana in the car earlier. I took four puffs,” Simms told cops when he was pulled over, according to court papers made public in August by the DA’s office.

Ergo, he’s… pleading… not guilty…? Can you pull an idiocy defense? Y’know, like an insanity defense? Perhaps he’s banking on the fact that anyone who says they took a “puff” of “marijuana” has just made a clear indictment that they have in fact never smoked weed their entire life and are just trying to look cool.

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