Hey! Let’s vote on crap that we don’t understand! WOO!

Ha! The reason I don’t know what net neutrality is is because no one knows what it is. Or they do, but someone else may have a completely different definition.

(I realize this may turn into some sad geek/political obsession, but I am going somewhere with this.)

Last night while flipping channels, I came across a political ad. I only caught the last bit of it, but it was a political ad. You know the type. “If you don’t want so-and-so shitting down your baby’s throat and getting paid millions of dollars of your hard earned tax dollars because of necrophiliac draft dodging lobbyists, vote Yes on resolution 4!” The ad sounded something like that. I specifically heard 1) Google, 2) net neutrality, and 3) legislation. But it was the net neutrality that caught my attention, especially since it’s mid-June and there aren’t any elections in the near future that I know of, so I thought it was rather unusual.

That started me to wonder, if someone is paying for advertising, this is becoming a big deal. And if I don’t know what the hell it is (and I’m actually trying to care and find out), what the hell is the average Joe watching Wheel of Fortune going to know about it? Won’t stop Joe from voting on it, but Joe and I still don’t know what it is.

Well, I just saw this. Turns out, the people gearing up for the fight don’t know what it is either. This is probably the best article I’ve seen on it so far. I’m neither agreeing nor disagreeing with the writer’s position. However, I agree that this is churning into a legislation war that isn’t well defined and can have massive consequences on the Internet and how it operates. Washington chuckleheads voting on something this unknown could be even worse and far reaching than legislation for something that is at least clearly established. Would it be so wrong for everyone to just shut the fuck up for once and see if there’s any research to predicate an argument one way or the other, and while you’re at it, actually determine what the “net neutrality” is seeks legislation?

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