The B-actor God and other assorted updates

Today is a good day for lying down and avoiding. Sigh.

Holy shit! Did you hear?! Ronald Regan Died!

The nice thing about this week – this being the official week of Reagan memorial goodness – is that it’s given the entire country a nice break from anything important going on. I guess. I’ve tried to avoid the television like crazy, but I still can’t get away from it. Say what you want, like him or hate him, fine, whatever, but this weeklong ceremony is out of hand. Somehow, I get a taste in my mouth like this is what it was like to live in Moscow when Lenin died. It’s sick, and that opinion has nothing to do with my personal preference for the guy. I thought the same thing for Princess Di. I’d think it for anyone. Unless you’re Nancy or one of his kids, get over it. Move on. Bunch of morose, grotesque, exaggerated horseshit. Think I’m on the fringe? See what Rather or Brokaw have to say about it. It’s beat the dead horse week for the media.

If you haven’t seen Mineola Twins, you should. (In fact I’m going back for more tonight – it’s that good.) Audience response has been overwhelming. Tell you the truth, I’m a bit surprised. Not surprised that it’s good, but surprised by how many people think it’s the best Jobsite show ever. Cool with me. I hope they say that every time. In any case, you only have two weekends left, and the last weekend sells fast. So, if you’re thinking of going, or you know someone who is, buy tickets now. It’s frustrating as hell when people wait to the last show only to find out – hey, no more tickets left! Then we’re standing there, shaking our heads and thinking “where were you last week?”

In other news, there isn’t really any other news. Working on Delusion, and… that’s about it really. Counting the hours until the day’s over. Catching Mineola tonight. Taking tomorrow off, probably getting some work done beachside, and then I’m spending the weekend getting some serious r&r, probably my last weekend to do it until August. Sweetfuckingjesus I need this weekend. And a haircut – I’m getting a desperately needed haircut in less than 48 hours.

Okay, I’m talking about haircuts. Here endeth anything of interest that I have to say. (Hey, at least I’m not talking about pants.) And in case you’re wondering, I haven’t forgotten about the dream survey. I’m still working on it. More soon.

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7 thoughts on “The B-actor God and other assorted updates

  1. it is his right and priveledge to have this fuss and it is also what Nancy requested: full honors.

    Personally, I like seeing it all. It’s nice to reminice.

  2. It’s overkill. It’s a celebrity circus for the burial or a man who hasn’t made a dent in anything publicly since 1989. It’s morose.

    And it is no one’s right to have a weeklong funeral. If it is, then it’s my right to be able to turn on my television or look at a newspaper without having it shoved down my throat.

  3. Well then I have bad news for you. The flags are supposed to fly half staff for 30 days in honor of him.

    “If it is, then it’s my right to be able to turn on my television or look at a newspaper without having it shoved down my throat.”

    Actually, to use a philosophy I’ve seen you espouse, it’s your right to change the channel.

  4. Changing the channel is not going to stop the media from headlining this absurd parade for the next week and churning his death into a cult idolotry that’s bordering on demented obsession. He died a week ago. It’s not news anymore. Move. On.

  5. Well many, many enjoy seeing the ceremony not because of the negative reasons you cite but for positive reasons: reflection, patriotism, and healing. You are in the minority here and you are not going to change the networks. Therefore it’s gotta be you who changes. Either change your focus and outlook or change the channel.

  6. It’s hard to not be in the minority when the dividing line is those with tv’s on and those with tv’s off.

    And how the hell do you change the channel on a newspaper?!

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