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Words like freedom are bandied about and waved on flags less delicately than they should be. Freedom is something you aspire to, not something you own.

Dave Matthews, Playboy, Feb. 2004

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  1. I like it. Almost as much as I like my other favourite Dave Mathews quote:

    “Hey man, have you seen the chinese takeout menu? I could really go for some pepper steak. Mmmmm, pepper steak. Hey wouldn’t it be great if…. I mean… what was I talking about?”

  2. BTW, I should finally have a chance to get that JS website crap done on early Friday night, so you can expect to see the new changes showing up around 8 or 9 tomorrow night.

  3. Actually, the 20Q with him was a really good interview. I wish they’d give him the full interview. Remind me sometime, I’ll let you read it. Real funny, very insightful.

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