Hypocrisy in action

Okay, dig this. This morning, being the fragile, compassionate guys they are, the Bush/Cheney campaign demanded an apology from Kerry. Yesterday, Kerry, talking about the Bush admin., said “These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I have ever seen. It’s scary.”

Not 12 hours later, the Bush/Cheney campaign launches this.

Wow! Whoever put those ads together in less than a day must be some kind of marketing machine!

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6 thoughts on “Hypocrisy in action

  1. So…

    They want Kerry to apologize for saying what he really felt to someone while taking off his microphone? (I realize he’s claiming now he knew it was on, but I think he’s only doing so to save face. Obviously he can’t back away from it by saying he didn’t mean it, but if he admits he didn’t know it was on he looks like he’s clueless).

    I wonder if George remembers when he made a similar gaffe? You know, the one about Adam Clymer of the New York Times? His was worse, though. “There’s Adam Clymer — major league asshole — from the New York Times.” A comment which the Bush camp never apologized for.

    I find it even funnier that, if you were a real jerk like…oh…me…you could point out the fact that getting your feelings hurt because someone said you were a crook was a very EMOTIONAL response. Aren’t liberals supposed to have a monopoly on emotions? That is, according to conservatives, the only basis they have for their politics. Right?


    Poor Georgie got called a crooky wooky. Now he wants an apology.

    You should hear/read some of the shit the man said when he was working for his Father’s campaigns. Sheesh. Ol’ G.W. was his daddy’s hatchet man, and was pretty well known for being a right bastard about it.

  2. If it were my campaign, I’d reciprocate by asking W. about all of the things he said were reasons why we should invade Iraq that weren’t true. I think W.’s got a few million people to apologize to for each of those little fibs.

  3. Bah. That’s a pointless pursuit. I mean, really…Do you think that anyone who actually cares about the fact that he lies doesn’t know about it at this point?

    Point out every lie, and all you get is what basically boils down to as “it doesn’t matter why.” Anyone that is going to be pissed off about the lying thing already is, and constantly harping on it will just push the people who are kind of in support of Bush but not entirely further into his camp.

  4. Normally, I’d agree, but seriously, what kind of jackoff stunt is it when you ask for an apology because the other guy’s not fucking around. Like Bush/Cheney aren’t going to play nasty street rules anyway. Case in point, the warchest of negative ads they’re evidently just sitting on, waiting to fire at the push of a button. Apology. What a bunch of fucking horseshit.

  5. i almost choaked on my coffee this morning when i saw the headlines about them crying for an apology, and then saw the articles about the new ads they just put out.

  6. I just see it as tilting against windmills. Anyone who thinks this isn’t going to be a really fucking ugly campaign on both sides is fooling themselves. Hell, someone said the other day that Kerry already had a legal team in place just to deal with any problems that might arise in Florida. This thing is going to be downright bloody. They are going to score their points now by demanding an apology, turn around 3 weeks later and be just as viscious, full well knowing that the majority of the people out there will have forgotten it all by now.

    It’s all about scoring when and where you can.

    Fucking horse shit. All of it.

    It would be really nice if there was some kind of content filter that those of us on BOTH sides of the fence who have an admitted bias could use so that we didn’t have to see any election related tripe.

    Although I suppose that would prevent me from getting my daily laughs out of .

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