Best defense in the league, huh?

Let’s just say it’s very quiet in the office today.

Actually, I don’t really care. I stopped watching at halftime, turned the game back around 2:30 in regulation. They went into OT, and I turned if off. That’s right, I turned it off. I just didn’t care.

I’m tired of teams sucking through the first 50 minutes of a game, and then the leading team forgets what they’ve been doing on defense and let’s the other team come back and either win or go into OT. “Well, when the offense gets desperate, they’re dangerous.” Bullshit. When the offense gets desperate, it means the defense has them up against he ropes. If you’ve been beating the crap out of the QB with blitzes all night, you don’t back off him when he needs the time behind the line the most. You keep stomping him. “But, if you blitz, they might get the first down.” Yeah, well, apparently they’re going to get the first downs anyway. You may as well fuck up the guy whose causing it. It happened when the Browns beat the 9ers, it happened when the ref stole a two-pointer for Texas, and it happened last night. If you’ve been effective, why change what has been working for 45 minutes?

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7 thoughts on “Best defense in the league, huh?

  1. The Bucs didn’t really change anything. Brian Kelly, the starting left cornerback, left the game and was replaced by rookie Tim Wansley. Marvin Harrison proceeded to make the rookie his bitch. Repeatedly.

    That is not an excuse. Four fucking touchdowns in 15 minutes and three in the last four!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Where the fuck was the blitz? I don’t think I saw them blitz one fucking time in the last four minutes.

    I haven’t seen a collapse like that since the South Tower went down in Manhattan. Jesus.

    At least we didn’t lose to the Bears.

  2. Um, the Bucs didn’t really change anything? You said so yourself: “I don’t think I saw them blitz one fucking time in the last four minutes.” Just so happens the Dolts scored 21 points in those last four minutes. Hmmm.

    When the Colts were down by 14 and it was 4th down, I distinctly saw a Bucs d-lineman standing there, just standing there. Even Madden pointed it out in a replay. The Colt that was covering him was looking at him like he was crazy. I guess he was making sure Manning didn’t sneak away from the line, which he apparently had been doing all game, and run the first down. And he succeeded. Instead, Manning rifled a 30 yard touchdown pass.

    While I’m ragging on the Bucs, Brad Johnson – still sucks. I’m convinced that that first TD bomb he threw made it’s target b/c he was getting hit at the same time, and it actually corrected his accuracy. Anything caught by a Brad Johnson throw over 20 yards is either an accident or an interception.

  3. Oh, I get it now, that Bears thing was an Oakland stab. (I’m thinking: um, the 9ers actually beat the Bears.)

    Yeah, I don’t defend Oakland. Not since the ignorant fuckwits went into the Superbowl with the same secret plays, codes, and audibles designed and created under the tutelage of the COACH FOR THE OPPOSING TEAM.

    Yeah, Rich Gannon? I saw him mouthing off to the Offensive Coordinator when Denver was handing them their a-holes on platters. Tell you what Rich, when you start throwing to people who are actually on the field, then maybe you can start blaming the guys who pick the plays. Until then, maybe you should look at the guy who is screwing up the plays. When Jerry Rice can’t catch it, it’s a bad pass. When you’re throwing grapfruit on the field, and you mouth off like that, you should reconsider your perspective from the bench.

  4. Yeah, Brad Johnson is no Elway, that’s for sure. He threaded the needle pretty well on one of the plays in the fourth quarter though. And he’s tough.

    Peyton Manning, on the other hand – fuck, the ARM on that guy!

    That Bucs d-lineman was #97, Simeon “I-don’t-get-no-respect” Rice. Play every down, fuckbag, and maybe you’ll get more. I really got pissed off when I saw that.

  5. Also, the Bucs didn’t blitz much in the first three quarters, either. Their front four did all the pass rushing. They only sacked PM once, that I saw. Against a team with absolutely no rushing game, you gotta do that more often, especially on last-minute drives.

  6. I’ll be honest, that’s the first time I’ve seen Manning live up to his reputation. I don’t exactly watch the Dolts all the time, but I’ve seen there scores from week to week, and I’ve never been impressed. I remember when he first started playing everyone was making these grand predictions about him being the next greatest-ever QB. I still don’t see that. But, I will say, he does have an accuracy that matches Farve (on a good day) and Montana.

    That was Simeon Rice?! Jesus, did he temporarily think he was playing for Arizona? Wow – I never would have anticipated that from him.

    Speaking of mouths, gotta love that miked up thing they did with Keyshawn Johnson, especially when he was ragging on the Dolts receiver, saying, “so that’s the best receiver in the game.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: great NFL players let their plays speak for them.

  7. Yeah, I loved the “mike’d up” thing. What must Key have been thinking sitting on the sideline with a “thigh bruise” while MH was on the field racking up almost 200 yards on a rookie corner? How those words tastin’, Key? Want some Tabasco for ’em?

    Pride goeth before the fall, my friend.

    Rice? Yeah, me either. But if you looked at the players, they all looked like they’d had their asses kicked by the weather in addition to beating the shit out of each other. Hrm. Maybe his tank just ran dry that play. Still sucks of him, though.

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