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As we all know, the beginning and end of all great musical groups, especially those with radio play, is the name of the musical group itself. Face it, you may or may not have musical talent, but without a great name, there is no future. So, here’s my useless little poll for the week:

Create a band name. Criteria – make it good. Nothing deep or poetically moving. I’m talking marketing here, people! I’ll start with a few:

Skippy Twoshoes and the Naked Sunsets (This one I’m copywriting. It’s a personal fave, and a mark of creative genius, I think.)

Bowel Tonic

Mary Jane’s Drippy Knickers

Nasty Patsy and the Pastywastes


You’re a Consumer Whore

Taint Scratcher and the Hairy Fingernails

Jesus Thinks You’re a Jerk (that one’s an homage to Zappa)

Disco Still Sucks

Bowling for Pussy

The Dynamic Duo of Monkeyfucker and Assjackyl

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5 thoughts on “Name That Band

  1. Primer Grey Erection

    Fingering Mommie


    Girls Gone Mild

    Wrestling Earnest Borgnine


    In It For The Money


    Jenny Don’t Live Here No More (an all-girl band)


    Ken and the Late Term Abortions


    There you have it. I should also mention here that a few real bands have had some pretty entertaining names, like “And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.” Also, ‘s last band was called “Media Whore”. Interesting that you came up with “You’re a Consumer Whore” on your own.

  2. I made it to Fingering Mommy and had to leave the office before I got fired for convulsively laughing on the floor.

    Then I came back and almost lost it again between Wrestling Ernest Borgnine and Fuckbag. I don’t know if I can read any more until I go home.

  3. I always wanted to start a hardcore-hip-hop-industrial band a la Pop Will Eat Itself and combine it with the theatrics of a Gwar show and call it:

    Heavy Dump and the Stool Samples

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