Couldn’t pass this up

“Can you please give us at least one example of what is the result today” of the search for banned weapons in Iraq, one reporter asked. “I’m inclined not to,” Rumsfeld replied. “I’ll tell you what the situation is: The situation is that it’s an important question.”

From Slate magazine, citing today’s Washington Post.

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5 thoughts on “Couldn’t pass this up

  1. That guy is such a smarmy fucking asshole. Let him put on DCU’s and a Kevlar jacket and go run around Tikrit, fucking chickenshit lying motherfucker.

    How ’bout that fucking Jurevicius, man? Did you see those two TD catches? They were ESPY-worthy. I thought he was having Clearwater beach volleyball flashbacks on the second one, and he made that DB look really bad. Just snatched the ball right off the top of the guy’s hands.

  2. Fucking Rummy.

    I swear Phil Hartman is alive and well and wearing a big rubber suit having a good laugh at us all. One of these days he’s just going to peel it off in an interview and laugh himself stupid.

    Or at least that’s much nicer to believe than someone actually intentionally put that bastard in charge of something …

  3. I saw the first td. I stopped watching when McNabb turned over the ball. The first td reception was enough – though I will say it deserves to be on a highlight reel at the end of the season.

    As much as it pains me, I’ve always said that if Keyshawn were everything he said he is, he’d be Jurevicius.

  4. Man, if you thought the first one was something, check out Sportscenter tonight and look at the second. It was frightening. Your eyes will bug out of your head.

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